Sikac Bukres

In other words - Hot Bucharest. With the cold days to come we thought it would appropiate to write a few words about why we think Bucharest is hot. We are aware of the fact that most of the people think that Bucharest is just shit. These guys for example really do love to hate it. They think Bucharest is Europe's worst capital - I couldn't agree more, that still doesn't make us think is less hot.
Here is one example. Due to growing prices of film production in Czech Republic many Hollywood productions are being filmed in Romania starting something which has already benn called 'Rollywood'. These days we are lucky to have Mr Coppola hanging around in our beautiful country. But the best thing about it all was last summer wehn we had Steven Segall, Jean Claude van Damme and Wesley Snipes in Bucharest, all at the same time. I mean, with all of them here for sure we couldnt have been attacked by Osama's naughty cru (if that's what you're scared of in this city). But going back to last summer, of course the boys had to hand out together. I mean it's like in the jokes... Van Damme and Snipes go out in Bucharest, yeah, they get high together, they pick up girls together (or at leat they try to). Well, funny thing is - this is all true... Van Damme did go out with Snipes, they did get high and drunk and they did try to pick on the local beauties. So they manage to piss off some local men and soon enough there's a fight. Wesley just runs away and Van Damme gets his ass kicked. Here and here are some articles about it all but if you wanna hear the true stories ask your taxi driver.

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