Bucuresti 1936

Cateva fotografii cumparate recent de pe ebay... De dimensiuni foarte mici (ceva mai mici decat niste copii contact), mai de graba demne de Muzeul de fotografie, fotografiile vin din Germania si arata un peisaj urban in toata regula, cel mai probabil sunt facute in zona Athenee Palace.

ONT - map of Bucharest

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Wonderful design on a map of Bucharest found at the flea market last weekend.

Bucharest, December 1989

Steven Hill was guarding the American Embassy in december 1989 in Bucharest, here are some of his photos as found on his flickr.

Bucuresti 2003

It's amazing how much a city can change in 6 years...
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Bucharest 1987

"Today, Rumania suffers under the most repressive, most inefficient of all the Communist governments. Long food lines, empty shops, deserted roads - gas is strictly rationed - remind the visitor of nothing so much as the dreary aftermath of the last world war. The secret police, too, are everywhere: virtually every restaurant, for instance, has two or three tables occupied by single women visibly listening to their neighbors' conversation and occasionally jotting down a note."

continue reading the NY Times review from 1987

sketching bukresh

More on John's sketchblog.

cu si despre Metrou

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un prim articol dintr-o serie de articole despre metroul bucurestean pe evz.ro


stefan tuchila

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