Hello. This is a blog about Bucharest, the city we all love to hate. Ionut Cioana, Irina Bako, Vlad Nanca and Megatron are the first contributors. But there will be lots more... Ionut, Irina, Vlad and Megatron are all into subcultures and ocasionally 'high' cultures. We like graffiti, noise, urban exploration among other things... We do like Bucharest. And we do hate it!
So here we go!


megatron said...

wanna taste more urban legends from our own sin city

uae_flunky said...

ce tare! o idee grozava, can;t wait to see more and help you if you need a hand de la o fetita de clasa a 12a vesela si entuziasmata:)

Cosmin said...