ceausescu's bucharest

PERHAPS no present-day city exhibits the imprint of an individual to the extent that Bucharest shows the effect of Nicolae Ceausescu, who ruled Romania in dictatorial fashion from 1965 to his overthrow and execution in December 1989. An account of his transformation of Bucharest and of the destruction wrought during the revolution and subsequent changes provides a valuable perspective for analyzing this important southeastern European capital. The account also allows a unique opportunity to reveal how Marxist planning concepts went astray in the hands of a megalomaniac.
Darrick Danta, The Geographical Review (04.1993)

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rheak said...

Marxist planning can only go astray, as any sort of utopic visions.

Anonymous said...

Don't really understand this: how come Ceausescu looks like the only bloody bastard in all this? Did he alone went and demolished all the old buildings in BUC and then built those ugly looking flat blocks? Could it be that there were a lot of other Romanians that agreed with him and helped him and made sure his orders (no matter how stupid) are fulfilled? I'm just asking.