I just love it when Photoshop dies and becomes reality.
This is about a place central but far away and about people with vision and passion.
Last saturday, european film festival, concert. Food drinks people film music.What else would one want?
What surprised me, was that people were taking pictures with themselves and the neon lights. Which by the way are letters from famous UNIVERS ALL, remixed.

This is an extract from vaurma book, a short definition of what urban lounge means "Public space means choice, experiment, interaction, involvement. These are the engines that drive the comunitary spirit. The city as a network of urban room is about defining identity paths meant to keep the urban space as an open, public space.
In Bucharest there are "urban dormitoires", "gardens" or kitchens and a trend in building offices. So it's only necesary to define a meeting place, a communication space, a relaxation space :a "lounge"

Uranus-Rahova is a problematic area. It's central but due to the social context, also very far away. It has a hidden beauty and a colourfull history.

Uranus is a part of vaurma (meaning "to be continued") which is a movement for urban and cultural regeneration of the Rahova-Uranus area of Bucharest. vaurma aims to rescue Bucharest from its anonimity, to give it back its glamour and to present it in all its glory
Uranus will function as an urban lounge all through this summer.
The organisers will soon publish a program of the events.

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