STENCILUL - a font inspired by the stencils in Bucharest

Mr František Štorm recently visited Bucharest on the invitation of the Czech Cultural Center. This is what Mr Štorm came up with on his return:

"This typeface is dedicated to all Romanian graphic designers. It takes inspiration from stencils in Bucharest during my visit in early March 2007. Go ahead with more stencils, they are better than most of commercial graphic design in your country now!"

This is probably the inspiration for the text on his specimen...

To download the font go here.
To have a look at the Romanian Stencil Archive go here.


Red said...

And you can listen to DoerCast Episode 5 - with Mr. Frantisek Storm, where he speaks a bit about Stencilul Font, among others.

Red said...

And now you can check out the pictures that Frantisek Storm took of the stencils of Bucharest:

P.S. Enjoy the score :))