Baneasa Zoo running wild..

So this Sunday I went to the Zoo. Haven't been there in years. I never really agreed with those trapped creatures, or, well, with the people who decided to cage them in the first place. But anyway this is not their fault is it. Every metropolis/bigger city has a Zoo. A Zoo where animals live like the citizens do. In our case, sadly and dirtily. I remember when I was younger, my dad took me to the Nurnberger Zoo and there, well, animals looked really happy. They had these huge places to play in and the fence was put there just for the visitor's sake. So lions, pumas, tigers, bears, wolves were running around in their own tiny worlds without being stared at, without looking at you with those terrible eyes, those almost crying sweet sweet eyes and with full tummies.

I understand that a Zoo is a necessary place, but people are just not visiting it anymore. And this is bad. A ticket costs 1,5 lei. Now how will those animals eat with that sum of money? Oh... Now they're re-building their shelters, some of them, I guess it's the EU imposing strict rules. But all the pain these animals show when they just walk around and around in their cages for hours... It's unbearable really, and that not even the EU can cure. But as weird as it is, it's strangely fascinating as well.

The elephant, aged 48, died last week. One of the keepers told us that this elephant was the second case ever to have survived this long in captivity. And then we went to see the monkeys, it was getting dark but we could still see the commie descriptions and all those eyes in the dark. The monkeys were in deep pains, physical ones, hernias and such. And people were just staring, because that's what they're supposed to do. I'm not sure I agree with all this, at least not with these depressed lovely beings in their too tiny worlds. But then again, what can we do. Have a wonderful November.

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=( How sad. You don't really see that here in Chicago. Or maybe I just don't really notice...