Workshopping Bucharest

Workshopping Bucharest
Maartje Dros
Anne Heinsbroek


A group of fifteen young designers and specialists from other fields will take part in a research trip to Bucharest in April 2006 together with architect and author, Wim Cuyvers. In the week that they will be doing fieldwork they want to establish more insight in the ways which public space manifests, how it is defined and how it projects itself on global and local developments. These participants will specifically perform the research in the city of Bucharest, because of the distinct differences of policies and legislation with those of the Dutch cities. The results of this research could offer more insight into how these local policies influence the development of public space.

Background of the participants:

The majority of the participants graduated between 2001 and 2005 at the Design Academy, Department of Man & Public Space. They are currently active in various fields of work and in different stages of their careers, most of whom have attended research trips as part of the studies organised by Wim Cuyvers. Visited places: Belgrade, Picos de Europa, Sarajevo, Tirana, The Hague, Hoek van Holland, and Brussels. Influenced by these experienced they all have a common belief that fieldwork is a significant method to conceive new definitions of public space. It would be of interest to compare the work that would come out of Bucharest with previous research trips. The schemes of each city will undoubtedly be clarified in the comparison and comment on their developments.

The aims of the workshop:

- To contribute to developments within the area of spatial design and to new definitions of public space
- To exchange ideas with Romanian students and experts on the use of the city, public space and current changes in Europe.
- To create awareness in the West-European design world about the inevitable European developments.
- To set up a network of young designers and experts and a platform for discussion.

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Would love to see the results of their investigation. Can you please help and let me know where to find them?

I do believe that policy has a large influence in shaping a city.

Great idea of comparative research!