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Digital culture
festival for electronic music and related visual arts

You’re about to read some excerpts extracted from conversations between people who indulge in using rich vocabulary. The topic is this coming weekend’s event at MNAC:

"there is definitely something very rive gauche about BÜKRESH right now... it'll be intriguing to see how history records it... rokolectiv sounds interesting...like a Nippon needle into a Balkan arm..."

"oooohhh... the fermenting fizz of this country’s youthful spirits have long hatched this phenomenon; the bubbles are due to rise to the top. make no plans this weekend!"

"ok, ok, i get it: it’s like the millennium’s version of integrated art expression. a hybrid of mixing international contemporary creation with what emerges from the underground of Bucharest."

The organizers do a great job describing ROKOLECTIV; they first start by alerting us with a sense of urgency, suggesting that an event of such kind was long overdue. The tone gets softened and ROKOLECTIV becomes a “joyful platform for exchange and communication between participants, professionals and public, focusing on the social dimension of music and new technologies.”

However you choose to digest the pre-event talk, there’s an undeniable feeling that you should, at least for one of the festival’s three days, be in the center of what will be the fruit of the palpable Romanian je ne sais quoi, splashed with international creative froth and encased by the largest building in Europe.

For information on performance times, prices, artists, and sponsors, please visit the ROKOLECTIV website
Ticket price: 15RON/day

This "foarte tare, frate" article was shamelessly stolen from here:

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