Ghetto Romania Vision.

"Let's... take a ride... run with the dogs tonight... in suburbia."
This was a Pet Shop Boys song that I bet we all remember and miss. So this story is a short one, it's the story of my suburbia. The area nobody pays attention to. The place they all laugh at. Also known as my home.

It can be a magical journey. The night comes and everything goes blurry. The dense smoke floating about my head is suddenly filled with mystery and shyness. I love the mud I step in. I love the names of the streets, the communist streetlights and the emptiness around...

I start remembering the summer when I was walking trough these tiny deserted streets. They weren't deserted a few months ago. People took their cattle out for long walks and kids were playing with bricks and tires and sometimes dead bats. And I was watching the aspen trees. And taking pictures. It was a great summer. I could feel my ears exploding from the heat. And then the rain came. It washed away all these days of strange lazyness.

But one day. as I was walking trough the fenceless gardens, I started seeing things again.
And I laughed.
And I laughed.

I do love this neighbourhood. I do. Stop saying it's out the in the cornfields. Stop saying it's vile and dangerous. It's great and it's one of the most romantic places I've ever been to. Really. Everything matches here. And even garbage has its own incredible way of expressing itself.

Bucuresti, Salajan, 2005.

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