Bucurestiul lui Iosif Király

Iosif Király este orignar din Timisoara. Asta n-are nici o legatura cu proiectul Triaj:

Triaj [the marshalling yard] is, as is written in any dictionary, an annex of railway stations where trains go to be sorted. Between the multitude of never-ending lines, dismembered wagons of all ages and colours are waiting to be put back together again and depart to different destinations.
Waiting, the proximity of extremes, Mercs on Porumbacu Street in Crângaşi, lost stray dogs and canine hairdressers, chemists and art galleries in apartment blocks – our world is in a marshalling yard.

TRIAJ is part of a wider project initiated by the group of architects Mariana Celac, Iosif Király and Marius Marcu Lapadat. Its objective is to document what the ensemble of apartment blocks built during communism have become and transformed into during the years of transition: new improvements full of colour, changes of functions and diverse ways of alterations which come hand in hand with the physical degradation of these buildings, thanks to a lack of financial resources or the segregation of social texture.

Go check Iosif's amazing website here.
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