Perception of gates

Gates from Bucharest

Two days ago I got an email from Beatrice Anghelache and that's probably the best internet related present I could possibly get. Beatrice has been taking photographs of gates in Bucharest and came up with this amazing archive.
This is how Beatrice is describing her project on her blog:

Finally I put up the pics I took this year in Bucharest. These are the gates that soon will look different. They will be repainted, replaced, renovated. (Bucharest is changing, everything will be new, shiny and plastified). But today they still look like this. Take a look at the Bucharest’s old gates.

My favourite are ofcourse the ones that obviously belong to a modernist buidling but I love them all and most of all I love a person who goes through the effort of photographing all those gates and puts them up for us to enjoy. Thank you, Beatrice.


Anonymous said...

it was for the love of rusty old things!:) i put up with angry owners, and neighbors (because people in Bucharest don't think that their houses are pretty enough, so they assumed all kind of things). and even with the police (for taking photos of a certain gate). nice collection of memories for older years :)!
thank you for posting the links and for your friendly words!

MLB said...

These are fantastic photos of gates. I was just "next blog"ing around and found your photos.

Happy Season!

Anonymous said...

have you seen that, while some of the gates were intended to be transparent, the owners "upgraded" them to hide? sort of like wearing boxers instead of lace underware. i guess is the generalized suspicion or something.