The End is the Begining is the End

Gabi Nicolae witnessed the demolition of "Circul Foamei" in Rahova

These pictures were taken on November 11th, at the meeting point of Calea Rahovei and Trafic Greu, when the demolition of the last structure of “Circul Foamei” type took place. A mall of approximately 50,000 sqm of built area is going to be built there, by the end of 2008. Center, Liberty Center.
It was really cold and I was sitting on one of the roof tops nearby. There was a lot of turmoil that incredibly early Saturday morning: loads of press, also plenty of police assembled there, in order to stop the traffic, 4 huge one-armed machines doing some kind of a dance meant to entertain us before the blast (I think two of them were actually trying to kiss) and many people from the demolition company, the developing one, a.s.o, that were running in all directions.
After two hours in heavy wind, an alarm took off (it felt like the WW2), then there was a man screaming something nobody understood and then BOOOM!! The noise was excruciating, it felt like the Earth was cracking, but luckily for us, the wind drove the dust in the opposite direction.
There were supposed to be 3 explosions in a row, at 5 minutes distance; however one of the cables that were connecting the dynamite was sectioned, so they had to postpone the entire process for later on – a good pretext, I believe, to rush home and sleep the rest of the morning.
By Gabi Nicolae

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