the day on the crane

out of window at mosilor i always saw this crane.
i started to think about going up and after a lot of phonecalls there was one that was listen to me and he said, ok i let you go, but you must pass a medical test.
so i found my self some day with about eight other people sitting in the waiting room of a medical praxis.
one main difference between this eight and me:
they all wanted to work for the construction company at the so called millennium tower and i couldn´t convince the first doctor i met, that i just wanted to visit the construction site. and if there´s any possiblity not to pass the psychological test everybody needed to do.
of course they said this is what i had to do if i want to climb such a crane, - „we don´t know if you want to jump, do we?“ anyway, finally it took me about four hours to pass first the hearing test, then they checked my eyes, then the physical test and finally the psychological test with about 120 questions in romanian language.
a very funny afternoon for everybody in the praxis.
then on a beautiful sunday morning the lift on the building was taking me above. on the top level of the building the last step to take. after minutes of debates with the crane operator (he didn´t know anything about somebody who wants to climb „his“ crane) i finaly arrived. i fixed my videocamera and the crane operator was turning 360 degrees around. it was fantastic up there.
unfortunatly everything happened on for the time being my last day in bukresh. i arrived back in hamburg now and life is going better since the germans lost in the world cup against italy. i will see bukresh back in september, since then have a great time, everybody.

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