Taberei Armadillo

another version of a taberei car home. in contrast to the plastic one from the last post, here is at least obvious how to open it with only one person.

I walked around through the drumul taberei quarter for quite a long time in the last days. I decided to visit different quarters of the city more detailed. the object of investigation is in which period the different areas have been build and how are they looking today.

as far as I know and read about it, the drumul tabarei quarter was planned and build in a post stalinistic period in the beginning of the 1960´s years. it can be described as one of the first group of collective buildings in bucharest, marking a time of a „relative liberalization“ and another idea of an urban utopia.
of course the various models of the socialism all share the absolute domination exerted about the public space. and also at drumul taberei there was a distinct idea of an oppressing architecture. The private place is reduced to the flat itself and the semiprivate like hallways and annexes.
my interest was to see all the places between the blocks, considered to belong to everybody.

i lived once in cluj in quartierul zorilor, for nearly half a year. i was getting used to see a lot of of frames for beating carpets. but in taberei, wow, how much more frames you need, if the blocks are as twice high than in zorilor. it´s weird but i like them, they have something special. there are so much of them, but everyone and its area around has specific elements. as much as every entrance of the block, every playground, every front garden and all the parking lots.
or every front garden parking lot

it is also obvious that drumul taberei is one of the better dwelling-quarters of the town and of course i walk through this quarters with the awareness not to bear living in such an area. and i can´t imagine how it is to live there a long time. that makes it of course easier for me to examine all the described things with a lot of pleasure, which i guess nobody of the inhabitants have.
but walking around through this quarters, sitting under trees, relaxing in a parc, playing chess and collecting pictures of garages for example, is definitly a more desirable kind of socialising, than hanging around in malls, for instance. 14 new ones should open until 2008 i read somewhere last week. La Multi Ani. they are all together so boring compared to the little treasures you find nearby the carpetframes.


Anonymous said...

i will be in bucharest next september and i really love you blog, i was thinking that nobody has anything different to say about the city! i haven't read eveything you posted, but i'll do it! Thank you for give us your bucharest!

Probably me said...

Drumul Taberei is quite alright from a residential point of view. It has one major shortcoming, however, that keeps it from becoming even more popular: the traffic in and out of it is always a problem, and becomes horrific at high hours, such as morning or evening, when most residents go to work or return. The access to the center of the city is strangled in a couple of places, Răzoare being probably the most infamous. The fast tram line that crosses Drumul Taberei sideways has helped but it's still not enough. What would really help would be a new subway line to connect Drumul Taberei with Rahova, Ferentari and subway Line 2, which would give access to the city center. But that's mostly a wet dream.

Brasov Photos said...

auciiiii*vrem mai multa iarba si mai multa curatenie! peace

Anonymous said...

amuzant :) am o poza aproape identica cu "prelata aia". la fel si cu cealalta carcasa de plastic.